Friday, March 29, 2013

{Post 1,147} Tree of Life Update

Worked on this quilt a tad this AM.  It might seem like I'm making great progress, but remember that all the blocks were pieced when I started a little while ago.

We are getting ready for company Sunday.  I'll be starting my Easter cooking today and do much more tomorrow.  

Hope to squeeze in a little sewing here and there, but time will tell.

Happy Good Friday.  So glad that Christ left His heavenly home to come die for me (and you)!

My pieced border for this is coming along nicely.  I am using the strips for that as a leader/ender as I piece the rows of this and add them.  Won't be long before it's ready to quilt!

Any ideas for a fast throw-sized quilt for a thank-you for a family that has been helping my daughter?  I'm all ears.


julieQ said...

Wonderful!! Love your flat, nonwavy quilt...hee!! Happy Easter!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Yes I do have some ideas for a fast throw. Need to finish work first.

Janet O. said...

Happy Easter to you!
I have decided I need to make this quilt soon!
I think a scrappy rail fence works up quickly with a jelly roll--or even your own strips. You can even alternate solid squares