Saturday, March 16, 2013

{Post 1,133} Shopping Excursions

Last week we were in FL for the birth of our first grandson. My b-friend, Ruth, had told me about a pharmacy that housed a quilt shop.  I had two opportunities to go.  The first time was rushed.  The second time I perused every pattern and book I was interested in.

I bought some fabric.  While that might now seem earth-shattering, keep in mind that I still have over 100 bolts at my house.  Skinnier bolts, but still bolts.

Here's the loot with explanations after each picture.

I bought this pattern for a specific quilt.  I had the pattern in my basket when I saw a fabric I HAVE to use for a Christmas present.  Email me for the URL for my secret blog if you're not a blood relative or even remotely related (and being my daughter's husband's brother's wife's sister counts--that's been tried already!).

From left to right...tiger fabric that along with a set of tiger pillow panels I bought recently that will be in my Etsy shop.  I got them to make for my SIL but my daughter told me in no uncertain terms that he would hate them.  Got it!

A piece of light tan fabric with inspiring lovely words on it to be used for a tote lining or something similar.  I rarely buy anything for stash, but this is one time I did.

The two orange 1/8 yards are for the pattern lying on top of them that I did NOT purchase at this store.  The pumpkins are paper-pieced, and I just don't have much variety amongst my beloved Thimbleberries.

This is a neat pattern for a cosmetic case/small tote.  The two back ones on the pattern use screen and the front one uses vinyl to see what is in the bag.  I make lots of these for gifts.  Another neat feature is that there is no zipper.  The top is kept closed by inserting a length of a metal retractable carpenter's tape measure so that the rounded sides are facing each other. 

The fabrics are for making my avid-knitting daughter a tote bag or purse.  She pinned a pattern that I will be attempting to make for her.  If you look on my Pinterest boards, it's under sewing projects.

This pattern was what made me go back the second time to the store.  I enjoy Atkinson Designs patterns because they have such wonderful directions and are practical.  The Tag Along Tote is small (I think 6" x 8" x 2") and has a patch pocket as well as a diagonal pocket on the front.  It can have a zipper along the top (mine will).  I got the three sewing-themed fabrics to make one and one to sell.  The one on the left has threads running across it.  The one with cones of thread is for the lining.  The light blue with pins scattered is for the patch pocket and part of the handle.

The reason I made a second trip was that I didn't realize until I had to leave the first time that the patterns were all a jumble.  There might have been one or ten of the same ones, but they were all mixed up on the display rack.  That meant I must return and look through them one at a time!  I bought the cosmetic case and Tag Along Tote the first trip, all else on the second.

As I perused the books, I knew upon first glance which ones I would find interesting and useful.  This one just has my name written all over it.  I like each and every one of the patterns, but the following two are my favorites.  You will see these in future blog posts:

As I was leaving the second time there, I heard a noise behind a wall.  There was another room of fabrics back there and a longarm quilter at work.  I took some pics on my phone, but wished I had my camera there.  You know, I'm on a mission to improve my quilting.  Got a little inspiration there in Pensacola.

Thus endeth another post.  I've been a postaholic lately, so make sure you don't miss one.  I know how vital they are to your lives!


Gypsy Quilter said...

And how is the wee grand-darlin' doing?

Ruth said...

It looks like you had a good shopping trip at A&E!! I try not to buy patterns or books, but do break down every once in a while. I really like the looks of the book you bought. The 2 quilts you showed us are great quilts! I might have to think about getting that book too.