Friday, March 15, 2013

{Post 1,130} New Border Option for Spools

I am liking this a lot better.  Spent my available sewing time this AM cutting 13" strips from various scraps.  I think a good blog name for a proliferous quilter would be Scrap Generator.  Honestly, as much as I've cut from my scrap boxes (and there are only 4 plastic shoe boxes each half full), they never go away.

I don't like a lot of cream/light in a quilt, so this is better for my taste.  I am planning to quilt a big feather in each border, filled in with something as yet undetermined.  While I piece the borders, I'm doing laundry from our FL trip and watching the Pajama Quilter for inspiration.

My original idea is second for comparison.


Valerie said...

LOVE the new border! Finishes it off well! And I can't wait to see the leaves in the corners. Definitely gonna be beautiful! : ) {Already is absolutely gorgeous! You amaze me with your intricate patterns.}

Janet O. said...

I like this option better, too. Isn't the Pajama Quilter a hoot?

Valerie said...

Haha! I do not know where I got the "leaves in the corners" from. I guess you got a laugh at my expense. : ) It was the "feathers in the borders" that I'm looking forward to seeing. Sorry bout that. . . brain fry. . . or was that brain fog? : )