Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{Post 1,119} Wild Goose Blocks

These little blocks are paper pieced.  Last night I had an epiphany about them.  I don't like paper piecing because I hate to waste even the tiniest bits of fabric.  I don't like digging around to see what size piece best fits the place that I need a scrap of fabric to fit!

So last night before I took my daughter to karate, I cut plastic templates for the 3 sizes of pieces in this block.  I took my scrap box and cut cut cut the whole 75 minutes I was there.  I got nearly all the box tamed!  So now I'm going to add to it a handful at a time from my color boxes (only the smallest pieces).  I made it easy peasy.  I used Ziploc sandwich bag with the piece written in large letters on the outside.  I cut the biggest template I could out of each chunk of fabric.  Now when I sew, I will know which bag to look in.  

I don't have a goal for how these blocks are used.  I am just going to keep making them.  I drew the pattern myself.  They are 4" square unfinished.  Soooo cute in person!  Mostly Thimbleberries, but a smackerel of shirts and oddballs that sneaked in there somehow!


Janet O. said...

Oh, I hadn't realized they were so small, but I love them no matter the size! : )

Kath said...

lovely fabric choices.
I agree with you, I seem to waste fabric and end up with very odd shaped leftovers when I foundation piece, especially when I was making the roofs of the little houses.
I do like English paper piecing though, as you mentioned, you can cut exactly the shape you need from the the smallest scrap.

Leeanne said...

Love them!!!! What a good way to use your time.

Ruth said...

I love FGs but they're not my favorite to make. I usually use the no waste method. I haven't done paper piecing because I don't like it & because of the waste of fabric - like you. The blocks look great!