Friday, October 19, 2012

{Post 1,078} Shower Curtain 6/7 Finished

Making up for all those days of not posting, yes??  Here is my progress on the shower curtain:

I just have to add the last printed piece on the right and then line it.  There will not be any batting.  I will sew 3 sides and then turn it right side out.  Then I attach binding to the top of the curtain just like a quilt (only on one side).  Then 12 evenly-spaced buttonholes.  No quilting either, so I'm nearly finished!


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Ruth said...

You are amazing! You get so much done - and I just think about it! I have been thinking about making a shower curtain for a long time. Last week, the extra curtain rod holding a curtain that covered the plastic shower curtain broke, so that one is down. That brought the idea back to my mind, but I really don't have time right now. That bathroom has a patriotic theme, so I had thought of making a red, white and blue, or blue and white curtain. Maybe I will think about it some more. Yours really looks great! I can't imagine having a shower curtain just for the Christmas season - that would mean I would have to make 2 of them!