Thursday, October 18, 2012

{Post 1,075} Lone Star Quilting Finished

Finished the hand quilting on this mini.  I quilted it to death.  I like to use matching thread when possible and in certain instances.  

I am including a picture so you can see where I quilted the straight lines since they are in matching thread and difficult to see.

Emily sewed the binding on her last quilt.  I think she'd like to do this one, too, wouldn't you, pumpkin?  ;)

~Joan (or Mom if you're Emily!)


Kath said...

This is so lovely Joan. I admire your quilting, it's the bit I find hardest, not the actual hand quilting which I love, but deciding where to quilt, so I was particularly interested that you showed some of your lines.

Steve 'n Emily said...

I would LOVE to bind this and any quilt for long as I don't have to send them back to NC :) :) This is such a cute mini quilt!