Saturday, September 29, 2012

{Post 1,062} Christmas Ornaments

Here is a little idea I sorta copied from two pictures I have seen put together.  They are made from selvages, then used a pinked blade rotary cutter for trimming:

They will eventually all have trunks.  I ran out of steam.  Just can't get motivated today.  I made the two green with horizontal pieces first, then tried some diagonal greens, then made 8 of the diagonal cream, thinking they would show best against green branches on a tree.  I am going to make a short jute hanger and attach it with a button at the top.  I will probably list these on eBay or Etsy down the road.

So tired.


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Leeann said...

Ha ha after seeing that old lady telling me it wouldn't kill me to comment, I thought I better say hi :-)
But I tell you, you'd get more comments if you killed the word verification , cause that does nearly kill me!