Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Post #992} Worthy of Double Honor

I know this is mainly a quilty blog, but bear with me.  This post is about a big part of my church.

Last night started a 5-day extravaganza for our pastor and his wife.  They have been leading and serving our church for 20 years.  The theme for our anniversary celebration is "Worthy of Double Honor" from I Timothy 5:17, "Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor..."

We planned lots of BIG surprises for them starting with a "chauffeur" to pick them up at their house for the first service in a fancy car (at this point they had no idea what was going on).  He brought them through a parade of our church members holding signs, balloons, and waving ribbon wands (which I made and were soooo easy--I made many so I could share with the little children and a few big ones).  So.  much.  fun.  We were all so excited that we pulled off the surprise that we were smiling ear-to-ear.  Here is me and my better half:

Our pastor was the vice president of a Bible college in our town for years as well as being our pastor, so he's been a great influence on many.  He is a humble, sweet, gracious, kind, wise, godly man.  His wife is the perfect feminine mirror of him.  We are blessed to have them leading us.  We are having two of the men who have been under his ministry speak each night with a testimony by someone greatly influenced by him as well.  There are all kinds of secret surprises every day, so I can't divulge much here.  

I mainly wanted you to see my handsome hubby.  I feel sorry for all the women who can't experience his wonderful hubbiness firsthand.  Oh, well.


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Steve 'n Emily said...

I hope all went well for Pastor's surprise weekend. I know you worked hard. Great pic of you and Dad!! Love you :)