Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Post #991} Busy Listing for eBay

This AM I spent a couple hours getting items together, taking and editing photos, and listing items on eBay.  I used to do that years ago all.  day.  long.  It's been a while.  Why is change so hard?  

I listed some 8" hot pad/trivets made from selvages, a set of 4 coasters made from selvages, 4 sets of 25 unique I Spy prints in 4-1/2" squares, and 5 Thimbleberries kits.  Click my auction button to see what I'm selling.  Maybe something will have to go live with YOU!

I started the fabric kits at $5 a yard, which is a GREAT price--especially for Thimbleberries.

Here are a few of my pictures:

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Leeanne said...

You some beautiful goodies, but the postage to NZ is a killer.Good luck.