Saturday, June 2, 2012

{Post #982} Pink Quilt Finished...Brown Quilt Needs Binding Hand Sewn

The pink baby quilt is washed and dried.  I love the crinkly look of a vintage-block quilt.  I washed the border print and the sashing ahead.  The blocks were too dirty and fragile to wash before quilting them.  It is 51" x 60", much larger than my usual baby quilt, but this mama loves vintage.  I think this might end up on a wall or something!!

This AM I also quilted this baby quilt.  Well, you'll just have to come back to see the front.  I LOVE this quilting pattern.  It's from Pajama Quilter, and it's called Fern Ziggle.  It is huge and soft and oh, so easy!!  

I used a brushed cotton for the snuggly soft :)

Top picture has flash on and the bottom one does not.  One quilts the wavy line first, then goes back and fills in ziggles on both sides.  Easy peasy.  I think it took about an hour to load this on the frame and quilt it.  Lightning fast, I tell you!  It's only 40" square.



Leeanne said...

Very cool, your quilting fun....looks like feet lined up or tenpin bowling.

Anonymous said...

It turned into a gorgeous baby quilt! I love it!

Ruth said...

The pink baby quilt is awesome! She will definitely love it! And thanks for putting up pictures of the fern ziggle. That will be a quilting design I will definitely use! Looks like fun to do too.

Me and My Stitches said...

Absolutely LOVE your pink baby quilt! Very nice. And it looks like you have mastered quilting on your new machine.

Christina said...

that pink baby quilt is probably my favorite quilt of all the ones you have done (and yes, I like some of your other ones too!)