Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Post #977} Susie Graduation Quilt

Here is my Susie's graduation quilt (wall hanging).  She just has a couple week of high school left.  We went fabric shopping last week.  She picked out all the colors.  Why do I think that does not come as a surprise?

This is a simple Rail Fence block.  The blocks are 6" unfinished, set on the diagonal.  She is going to write the names of well-wishers that come to her graduation party on the light yellow rails.  I am piecing the back with 4" x 6" snowball blocks for people to sign.

More pictures after I get the last couple rows sewn on and borders added.  

The idea we have is to have the quilt top on display on my design wall at the party with a table in front of it for signing blocks for the back.  I think it will work.


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Ruth said...

Very pretty fabrics! Congratulations to the graduate!