Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{Post #973} For My B-Friend, Julie

I O-fish-a-lee LOVE this quilt!  Here it is in all its post-dried quiltiness.  The back is brushed cotton, just ready to snuggle a new baby boy!

These pics are for Julie, my B-friend (that's blog-friend for those not in the know).  I hold her and Bonnie H. co-responsible for my new addiction to plaid/shirt quilts.  

Why aren't there more quilting hours in a day?  

So I can cross off one baby quilt from my list of five I need before the end of August.  Then today I added 4 more names.  Two church ladies and two of my daughter's sisters-in-law.  Yippee!!



julieQ said...

And this B friend loves it!!!

Leslie said...

It is very comfy cozy comfortable. Perfect for a baby boy to hold on to into toddlerhood.

Leeanne said...

love!!!! You must be so pleased.

Jean Carlton said...

I like it! I have a huge tub of shirts I've collected for years- this is a great look. How did you do it? Foundation....? Doesn't look like straight strips cut with a wedge....just curious.

Lois Arnold said...

Very nice! If you find those extra quilting hours in a day will you tell me where to find some too, please?

Rose said...

How many shirts did it take make that wonderful quilt? Love, love, love it. If I can ask, which Bonnie Hunter book do you have? or which one would you recommend?