Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{Post #972} Rectangle Wrangle

I have a few more blocks to make for the center of this quilt, but here is a pic from my design wall from this AM.

I am going to make 4 more blocks and make this into a baby quilt.  I had 5 baby quilts to make for ladies in our church.  One baby was delivered Saturday AM, and Monday I found out two more ladies are expecting!  How exciting!!

The above quilt blocks are 6" wide and 12" long.  I am going to make one more for the blank spot and 3 more for along the left side to make it 36" tall and 36" wide as well.  I'll add a little brown border then a larger one.  

Stay tuned for the last pictures of my tan and blue spiderweb quilt.  Last night during BYOC I finished hand sewing the binding.  It's in the dryer now.


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Lindah said...

What a prolific group of ladies --Due, of course, to the promise of beautiful baby quilts from Joan!