Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Post #968} Got Log Cabin?

Someone told me they wanted a picture of my complete log cabin quilt top, the one I started hand quilting with little fans.  I thought for sure I'd posted it here at some time, but here it is again.  The bottom right corner is where I started the hand quilting.  The backing is folded around to the front at the top.

I got nearly two MORE fans done today.  I'm on a roll!

Well, I just searched for it, and here is a post where I show the whole thing, too.  But I've already written this post, so I'll leave it!


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Leeanne said...

Love it, you can't go wrong with log cabins. I must make myself one, I have quilted quite a few now, but not my own.
P.S I hope no strange man gave you the shirt off his back to go in this quilt?