Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Post #963} Two New Shirt Projects

I am showing the two small projects I have started.  Both are going to be baby quilts for boys.  

I asked the Dad of one of the boys to donate a shirt to the cause.  I don't think their family ready my blog, so I'll share this one here:

Here is the second project.  String quilts are so easy and "mindless" if you want a super easy project.  Here is mine so far...

These are both patterns from Bonnie Hunter.  I am going to make a larger Spiderweb one with a brightish-blue constant after I finish this one.

Last night I saw and visited with my daughter and took apart a few more shirts.  I don't think I've cut into the fronts/backs of any shirts, and just a few sleeves.  The fabric I've used so far is just yokes, cuffs, sleeves, and pockets.  It's amazing how much fabric is in a man's shirt.

Off to run errands and come back to face Mt. Neverest, aka laundry.



Missy Shay said...

They are looking great!

Leeanne said...

I love the spider web best!!!