Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{Post #959} Rectangle Wrangle Block

Just wanted to stitch up one of these blocks.  This is from Bonnie Hunter's Scraps and Shirttails II book.  The pattern is called Rectangle Wrangle.  I photographed it with my hand in the picture so you could see how big (or rather SMALL) the block is in comparison.

Only a bazillion more to go, and I'll have a good-sized quilt! This one block is 6" x 12" finished.



momtofatdogs said...

Joan! I think we share a brain sometimes...........I have that same pattern in that same book, bookmarked. I have been hoarding homespuns to make Prince Charming a quilt! I just have not found a nice solid black homespun yet. (maybe my trip to Paducah on Friday will yeild some)


Michelle said...

If you happen to check out my blog, you'll see that I just discovered this quilt and it's now on my "must do" list! I love it! I'll be watching your progress with great interest! Looks great so far!

julieQ said...

All right...Joan! I am going to have to make this are inspiring!!