Monday, April 23, 2012

{Post #958} Fair and Square Nearly Ready to Set

My Fair and Square quilt blocks are nearly ready to set out on the design wall.  I have to sew the second set of black pieces on about 20 of the blocks and trim down the string blocks to 10-1/2" square.  I had barely any time to sew at all today.  I don't know how you readers who have full-time jobs get it all done.  I ran just a few errands today...two banks, Wal-mart, filled car with fuel, daughter to piano and violin lessons, two chats (separate in-person visits) with college students, son to karate, shopping, drop off daughter at nursing home to minister, take son home, go to nursing home to sing and play flute with daughter, home.  I'm worn out just reading it.  How could I do this if I had to WORK??

Hubby (oh, dear, sweet, hubby) is making me a second design wall tomorrow.  Mine is only 4' x 6'.  That is probably huge to some of you.  I would really like to lay out a whole quilt at one time.  My design wall is's not attached to the room wall.  I just lean it against my fabric shelves.  How much harder would that be with two?  Not enough to matter. is a sneak peek of how my quilt will look:

And a smackerel closer...

I am every so glad that I made the string-pieced blocks.  The main reason is that they totally depleted my stash of homespuns (oh, there might be a thread or two still in there, but they are for the most part GONE!).  I think the strings add to the look of the quilt.  I didn't want this quilt to weigh a ton.  I thought the strings would be so heavy, but I cut them in fairly wide widths, so it isn't too bad.  

Recently I got a machine quilting DVD set and have watched them all the way through.  I'll probably be selling it at the next online yard sale.  But it did give me some ideas for how to quilt this particular quilt.  Love, love, love it!!



Leeanne said...

Joan you have to stop showing me quilts I want to make!
Where did you get this pattern? I guess with a few measurements it could be worked out.
Now dear you DO work, you just don't get a wage!
Glad the DVD was helpful, I look forward to seeing quilting photo's.

Ruth said...

The quilt is very striking! I love it! I think the string blocks do really add something and the black outlining the pieced squares makes them pop.

Me and My Stitches said...

I think this one is my favorite so far! Surely it's coming to live with me, right??? I still think the black just makes it all go it!

julieQ said...

OH how I love this quilt! Love, love!!

Leeanne said...

Ok so here I am looking at this lovely quilt & the one in Bonnie's book! Did you use fabric or paper foundations?