Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Post #950} Second Post Tonight...Feels Like Fall

Tomorrow I just have to press and trim my blocks for the Feels Like Fall quilt.  I have 30 blocks to make, 15 pumpkins and 15 gosling blocks.  I am referring to the gosling blocks.  I have the pumpkin blocks all pieced, but I still need to draft and applique a leaf on each of them.  I am thinking of doing a raw-edge applique of the leaf.  

Here is a picture of my sewing area and the gosling blocks.  Each tiny flying geese finishes at 1" x 2".  Teeny tiny.

The shiny blue tin is what I've been using to keep the pieces together.  Now the blocks are nearly finished.  

I delved into a small stash I have of homespuns.  I don't like using them because they're so loosely woven and seem to "move" when I sew them.  In the pic above, the block closest to the bottom left corner has a piece of the homespun in's the 4th gosling from the left, a gold with dark blue plaid on it.  

I also used a few pieces of some shirts I got for 75 cents each yesterday.  The block (the right of the two in the front), the very center gosling is a green shirt print.  I think those shirts will go far.  A 2XL long-sleeved men's shirt has a LOT of fabric in it!!



Me and My Stitches said...

Love the gosling! The smaller, the better!

Leeanne said...

I love your teeny tiny blocks & the shirts....lots a fabric!