Thursday, April 5, 2012

{Post #949} Florabunda Fully Finished

Today I finished the machine quilting on the Florabunda quilt, bound it, labeled it, and washed and dried it.  A full day!!  I am enamored by the machine quilting on this beauty.  The HandiQuilter machine and frame makes it soooo easy to quilt lovely designs.  No monetary commission, just a happy customer.

I had a few small pieces of the 3-1/2" wide strips used to make the HSTs in each block.  I had just enough w/o cutting into any other pieces to cut BINDING!  Will the fabric supply ever end??  Hahaha...never throw away a shred, just.  in.  case.  This is about 70" x 90".

Our house runneth over with quilts.  The thing is, they are all special in different ways...pattern, technique, hand quilted, etc., etc.



julieQ said...

How gorgeous Joan!! Love your floribunda!

Leeanne said...

happy Easter :-)