Saturday, February 18, 2012

{Post #915} Hexagons

I worked on my hexagon quilt a little this AM.  I was staying at the flea market with Rachel while she sold her homemade goodies.  Here is my Grandmother's Flower Garden hexagon project so measures 20" x 30" at its widest parts.

I just have one more row of blossoms to go down the right side.  There's light at the end of the tunnel!

Must be the influence of Pinterest, but I have all kinds of decluttering/repurposing/redecorating ideas floating around in my head.  I think this quilt will go either in my bathroom or above the head of my bed.  I want to hand quilt it like Natasha did hers (but hers is much larger, and if I'm not mistaken, nearly finished).

Bonnie is having another yard sale Saturday on March 3.  I will be selling my two hand-quilting hoops--one oval and one for borders, as well as numerous books and patterns.  I hope to have better pictures this go-round.  I also have a queen-sized quilt that I no longer use that I made a long time ago.  Everything went marvelously last time.  Be ready to participate on March 3.

Off to cheer for Rachel's basketball team in about 15 minutes.  At her game last night, I met a new quilting friend (hi, Penny!) whose daughter is on the same team.  We never met until last night.  As we were standing there talking, I told her there were some strings on the side of her vest and did she want me to pull them off?  She said she had been sewing before she came, and that certainly got my attention.  Then she corrected herself and said she had not been sewing, she had been PIECING A QUILT TOP!!  Needless to say, we had a LOT to talk about for the next hour.  She is a fairly new quilter.  I gave her my blog address.  I'm sure we'll chat a bit more at the game today :)

I laid out 36 my Florabunda blocks last night.  I am at that crucial point where I need to determine how large the finished product should be.  Since the blocks finish at 9 inches, this is 54" square at this point.  That does not seem large enough.

I will have to let those marinate for a while.


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Anonymous said...

Your floribunda looks lovely as does your GFG! I think the simple quilting will go well on your GFG as it did on mine.

I will be so excited to finish mine. I have not worked on it much this week.

As for pinterest? I waste far too much time online anyway. I will try and avoid it if I can!

I am not liking this two-word identification stuff.