Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Post #910} Valentines & Pepper

Well, truth be told, my husband and I are not much on gift-giving, especially to each other.  I finished up at the Y this AM before him, and so I went to our car to read until he came out.  When he got in the car, he said, "I mustache you to be my Valentine" and gave me this lollipop...

I only left the lollipop in my mouth long enough for Susie to get the picture.  It just wasn't worth the calories.

Here are Isaac and Pepper after returning from their walk this AM...Isaac has been Pepper's main caregiver.  She gets so excited when she has her harness put on!  She can barely wait to get going.  I took at least 10 pictures of the two of them, and this is the only one in which Pepper was NOT a blur.  A tail in motion tends to stay in motion!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!



Me and My Stitches said...

That is a lovely mustache! Pepper looks just like our Boomer (tail in motion and all).

Steve 'n Emily said...

Cute Vaentine's idea, Dad! Good sport to actually get a picture of it, Mom :) LOL. Pepper has doubled in size since I last saw her!