Friday, June 24, 2011

Gone For a While

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I won't be posting much in the next week or so. It will be hard to leave my crumb quilt because you quilters know that once you start a project, it runs like a constant circle of thought through your mind until it's finished.

There are 10 in my family, and we have two foster girls as well right now (well, one left this past week).  Three of my children and I are going to Ohio Monday thru Saturday of next week.  My parents are coming FROM Ohio tonight for Emily's wedding shower at our church Sunday night.  Emily, Susanna, Rachel, and I are driving 5 hours to a wedding shower in Georgia tomorrow (and back tomorrow night). 

When I'm in Ohio, in addition to visiting with my parents and my sister's family (she has 10 children), I plan on sewing some clothing.  Hopefully I will complete Emily's flower girl's dress and the last bridemaid's dress as well.  Only two long could THAT take (insert maniacal laugh track).

Our other foster girl is leaving this coming Thursday.  Since four of us will be gone when she leaves (she is leaving this afternoon to spend the weekend with a friend while my parents are here)...we are having a combined going away/early birthday party for her for lunch today.  I need to get hopping decorating the cake, making pizza crusts, cleaning the house...

So, thank you to those of you who keep in touch with me via my blog.  You have enriched my life with your friendships.  I will be updating from Ohio if I have time.



Anonymous said...

Have fun! I go to Maine in about a week, so it is vacation time all around! Still undecided as to what to bring with me to work on. Can't bring the sewing machine.

Leeanne said...

Have a fantastic time...our lives can get so busy, but as long as we are happy that is what helps things run smooth

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you'll bother to sleep. Do I hear you say: "Sleeping is over-rated"?