Monday, November 21, 2011

{Post #851} Potholder Top

I wanted to bind this little potholder for my daughter, Emily.  Some of us are driving down to see her on Friday.  This is my only selvage project that has "Superman" fabric in it.  See the emblem just above the center of the potholder?  Her husband was nicknamed Superman when a little kid saw him on a cherry-picker truck or up on scaffolding or something like that.  I used the insulated fabric shown (made for potholders/oven mitts, etc.) to make it heat-proof and backed it with fabric that will match her kitchen.  Won't show it all because it's supposed to be a surprise.  I doubt she reads this.

Finished hand-quilting my Seeds of Kindness quilt today.  What I thought would be a "Big Deal" moment is more of a "Big Whoop" moment.  Very anticlimatic.  It's in the washer now.  It is a special quilt, but probably only to me. 



julieQ said...

Love the potholder! Congratulations on your hand quilting finish...lots of work, but I know it looks so yummy and soft out of the dryer. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Me and My Stitches said...

Emily is spoiled! Ha ha - at least this time it is not one of MY quilts! Hope you have a great visit with her and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve 'n Emily said...

I do check your blog...several times a week. I don't post often because I rarely have more than 5 minutes to do all my "computer" work before running an errand or heading to work myself.
Can't wait to see those potholders! I can't believe you used Superman fabric for them! Thanks :)
Love you!