Monday, October 31, 2011

{Post #840} More Quilt Show Pics

I photographed this one just because it was so eye-catching and graphic.  I would like to make a circle of flying geese one day just to say I could.  And did. 

This next one used salvaged denim for the blue part.  I like it!

I love this pineapple-centered, wavy-flying-geese-bordered one.  I like how the inside border fabric is different from the outside, drawing attention to the flying geese themselves.  A little bright for my house (haha), but I'd love to make one in Thimbleberries' dark country colors.


Raewyn said...

I love all the things people do with flying gesses - very effctive. Lots of gorgeous quilts - my fav is the first one in your previous post.

Pat said...

Joan, I just happened to go surfing and noticed I hadn't visited your blog in a while. I always enjoy your photos! :-)

The Bargello border in the quilt you liked looks very much like a take-off of a Judy Martin design.

Check out the "Snake River Log Cabin" photos on this page:

Hope this helps.