Saturday, October 15, 2011

{Post #833} Hexagon Help

Here is my not-so-professional tutorial on how I am sewing my hexagons to each other.  I have never done a tutorial before, so bear with me.  I loaded all the pictures first.  Glance at all of them then read and follow along.

I start with  knot which was wrapped around six times.  This picture shows how I put the hexagons nearly flat next to each other and pick up a few threads.

The last picture above shows from the right side.  You can see that you CANNOT see the thread on this hexagon that I just added.

If this is not clear, let me know, and I'll try it again.



Leeanne said...

I thought it was a great tutorial and your garden is growing, best part is no weeds!

Me and My Stitches said...

They do look better - I'm going to have to try this if I ever get back to mine!

Susan said...

Your hexies are looking good Joan! You're ahead of me so far. I haven't even started my hexagon project yet. I got distracted with some yo-yo's. I like the way you're attaching the hexies to each other.