Monday, October 10, 2011

Scrappy Bargello Border

Above is a quilt from the Asheville show.  I wasn't crazy about the actual quilt, but the border really caught my eye.  I have been pondering on how to make a border for my spool quilt from many a month ago.  Could this be the answer to my plea??  Anyone have instructions for such a border?  I would like it to be scrappy (of course).  Any assistance is welcome.



Teresa said...

I just took a bargello class. You will have to give us a tutorial if you figure it out.

Elaine Adair said...

I agree, that border is stunning as well as the stunning center. It IS a lovely quilt.

I'm guessing you can strip piece the border pieces FIRST, then cut them at different increments - I'll bet this quiltmaker did it that way, with some waste. In fact, the longer I look at it, I'm sure she did it that way! Oh great, I just figured out how to do it with strip piecing!!! But her swag effect is pretty impressive! I wonder if she started in the corners or the center of the block, but that might make the corners different. ???? 8-))) The figuring might take some time but with your experience, I bet you can do it.