Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Post #796} Machine Woes

I think my machine is in good hands.  Of course, all I want to do now is sew!!  I am going to machine quilt the two runners (1 and 2) I just pieced.  My machine had a few issues, but it was limping along.  The automatic needle threader (which I never used, but now that it's broken off, my eyes are bad enough that I need it), one of the two screws that held the throat plate down disappeared (aliens?), and the thread tension was only correct when it was set on 9 (out of 9).  So it was time!!



Ruth said...

I'm shocked that you don't have a back-up machine! Maybe you need one. Of course, you can always hand piece. But then your plan to shampoo carpet and clean pantry sounds like fun too!

Anonymous said...

As usual, your work is so crisp and gorgeous. You mentioned, recently, about your dark fabrics. That's part of the reason that they look crisp, I guess. Contrast!
Lovely, Joan. I wish..........
Hugs. audrey