Friday, August 19, 2011

{#773} A Quilty Post!

While I was in Ohio last time, I went to a Jo-ann Fabrics store and perused their books.  I need a new quilt book like I need...oh, never mind! I bought a book--so sue me!  This is one of the blocks in the book, and boy do they work up fast.  Plus, there's hardly any waste.  Cut a red or green 2-1/2" strip width of fabric, and one of cream, and get 3 six-inch blocks.  Marvelous!

Another plus...these bonus Broken Dishes blocks that finish at about 3" square.  I'm thinking ahead for some Christmas gifts.  This size would be great for a table runner or wall hanging.  One of my own favorite quilts is this one...same blocks!  (click on the green words to go to the page showing that quilt).

Off to watch a movie with the family and then hit the hay.  I've been awake since 3 AM.  We helped a family move in to this area today by unloading their moving van.  They plan to join our church.  I met them back in July.  We welcomed them with a home made meal they could use for supper and lots of unloading help.

I also machine-quilted half of a twin-sized throw this AM before starting to cook for the other family.  Busy times, busy times!


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Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

It's good to keep busy! And you sure do it. The last couple weeks have been kind of slow for me. I did some sewing, but was limited since I'm not at home and I didn't bring a lot of fabric with me. The next 2 weeks we will spend with our DIL and 2 adorable grandsons, ages 3 & 7 months. I hope I can squeeze in some work on the cross-stitch project for Eli's Christmas stocking.