Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Changes

I made two tiny changes to my quilt top.  I toyed with the idea of removing my initials and replacing them with regular crumb blocks, but then just could not do it.  In person they don't stand out that much, and this will be a lap or bed quilt, so the whole thing won't be visible (well, not THAT much).  At least not as much as if it was a wall quilt!

I removed two very light/bright yellow squares and replaced them with dark orange.  They are the ones two to the left of my "J" block and three up from my "J" block.  See?  The initial blocks are landmarks!!  Every time I glanced over at my design wall, I saw the yellow squares, which means they stood out a tad too much.

My latest sewing project has been cutting and sewing the flying geese so my quilt can look just like Natasha's.  Slow going, but I've only little crumbs of time in which to sew.

Took Susie in to get 4 wisdom teeth removed today.  She did well.  Sore a lot faster than my other children, but a real trooper. 



suz said...

I love this quilt and I'm so glad you kept your initials in it. Some day your great grandkids will tell the story of their quilty great grandma and show the initials. I think it makes this quilt very special Joan.

Teresa said...

Its a great looking quilt and I liket the initials, glad you decided to keep them.