Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Finished!

My quilt top is finished!  Now on to the hand quilting.  This will be quilted lightly.  Just inside and outside the circle of hearts and one or two of the same shape where the 4 block corners meet to echo the design.  That means making and cutting a template for marking, which will be the hardest part.  Maybe I can get it hand-basted today. 

It measures about 64" x 80" now, but the quilting will draw it in a little bit.  I'm eager to bring this top to life with quilting.

I have had several ask (Debbie!) where to get this pattern.  I got mine online here  I set mine 6 x 8 then made half blocks for around the sides (blocks completely empty of applique for the corners) to finish out the ring of hearts.



Natasha said...

Wow! I LOVE it!!! colors are wonderful, pattern is wonderful, all around great!

Leeanne said...

No suprises from me, but I love the colours.