Friday, April 8, 2011

Snowball Quilt Center Half Finished

Here is my snowball quilt half finished (just like it says in the title of this post).  I am laying out the other half, but I'm not sure I'll get to sewing it together tonight.  This measures 28-1/2" x 64-1/2".  I plan on putting a few borders on.  This was an attempt to use up my gold scraps.  Mission accomplished!

It's been a strange week.  Tuesday night, we were playing wallyball, and I bounced off the corner of the court, hitting the left side of my head, my elbow, and landing on my bottom, then hitting my head again on the floor.  Not a pretty sight.  I have been recovering ever since.  Very sore...very sleepy...very big headache!



Teresa said...

Oh my goodness - you really took a bad fall. Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Leeanne said...

Holy smoke! You have to take care of yourself!