Sunday, April 3, 2011

Binding On and Pepper...Again

I started sewing my binding down by machine.  I found myself with a couple free hours and decided that would be the fastest way to finish this up.  I stitched about 20 inches of it and decided hand sewing is best.  I have nearly one side finished (the top edge in the picture above).

Two of my boys held it up for me.  There isn't a lot of empty space in my kitchen, but I was able to get a fairly decent picture.  I was off to the right a little, so it looks like the quilt is not squared up, but it is.  Trust me!

Took this little sweetie pie for a walk around the block.  Took Isaac, too.  Pepper is becoming more animated and curious...very puppyish.  Sooooo cute.

Everyone is taking such good care of her.  She seems to like her house...what puppy wouldn't like such a well-constructed mini palace?



Elaine Adair said...

Wow - impressive AND a beauty!

Anonymous said...

A boy and a dog. Great subject-matter for a photo!