Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring and Snowballs

Here are some beautiful hyacinth bulbs I bought last week.  It was amazing to see them bloom before our very eyes.  Their scent brings to mind a next-door-neightbor I had growing up.  She had hyacinths planted in her yard.  So I called to see how she was doing.  She is old, but fine!

Here are some snowballs.  They finish at 4" square.  I finished the runner below a while ago.  These are ever-so-slightly larger.  I sewed these three rows together to see if the size was what I wanted.  It was! 

Another difference in this one is that I'm alternating a light gold snowball with a dark fabric one.

On the runner (pictured below), I hand quilted two diagonal rows 1/4" apart through the center of each block.  Also, all 4 corners on each block matched.  The matched corners were too stressful and time-consuming.  On my new quilt top (which I foresee taking years of scraps to piece to get up to size), I am not matching corners.  The quilting remains to be seen.

I finished another big top except for the outermost border today.  See it on my secret blog because it's, well, a SECRET!!  Email me if you want the URL.


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