Saturday, March 26, 2011

{702} Quilting the Texas Braid

Today has been a most unusual day.  I went to the Y by myself this AM and walked over a mile on the treadmill.  I was very excited about that, because in the past I could not walk more than 5 minutes.  Yes--I tell the truth.  Then I did the FitLinxx machines.

When I got home, my son texted me to ask if I wanted to play wallyball with him and some friends at 3:00 PM.  I invited a couple girlfriends so I would not be the only girl there. 

While waiting to play, I loaded and started quilting this big quilt...Texas Braid.  I like it so much.  It looks like an antique quilt without needing any repairs!!

I only did two passes on it.  I'm quilting it with loops. 

We ended up playing wallyball for THREE hours.  Yes.  Also true.  My little toes are screaming as well as my knees.  I went down on my knees about ten times to save a point or whatever, forgetting each new time that I was NOT wearing knee pads.  Amnesia in the elderly...need to be doing some medical research into that subject.  It was soooo fun.  I'd definitely like to do that again, and soon.

There's no business like sew business!



Mary Lou Casada said...

Love your braid, Joan! I see lots of wonderful old Thimbleberries prints...gonna have to break out my scraps and do this one! It's gorgeous!
Sorry 'bout the knees and toes!! I feel that pain when I do step aerobics! :-D I tried running with my 17yo son -- he can do MILES -- I was able to run about 1/10th of a mile! Hey, it's progress! LOL
Mary Lou

Leeanne said...

loving your 'sew' business!
I have been making a couple of spool blocks today and thinking of you, I really enjoyed that swap and someday it would be fun to do another.

MARCIE said...

Great looking braid quilt! Love it! Have fun with you wallyball, and I have no idea what that is!