Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Pieced Border In Place...AND IT FITS!!

What in the world are all these hieroglyphics?  They are the mathematical computations to get my quilt to a size that would allow my six inch unit border to fit perfectly.  My plan seemed perfect. But when I checked the numbers one more time before starting to cut the strips, I realized I had left the seam allowances out! Good thing I checked!

Once I did the math, I decided that I wanted the brown border to be the same width all around the quilt.  So I added the cream border on just two sides to make the brown the same width as the top.

I have the other short pieced border pieced.  I have all the other HSTs pieced.  I am going to add another brown leaf border outside of the pieced one that is about the width of the pieced plus inner brown (4-1/4"??). 

I used the Judy Martin Pieced Borders book a few times now.  My borders always come out perfect after following her plan, but I am ALWAYS SURPRISED!!

~Joan, who loves a good surprise once in a while


Leeanne said...

Well this is another beauty! I'm not hot on the math I always hope that keeping my fingers crossed will help make it all work out OK!!!

Mary Lou Casada said...

I love the Pieced Borders book!! Mine is dogeared and pages fall out everytime I pick it up! The methods in that book are no fail. Your borders look excellent!! This is a gorgeous quilt you are putting together! I need some of whatever vitamins you are taking! :-D
Mary Lou

Gypsy Quilter said...

What a great idea, adding those colorful flying geese units. Wonderful.

MARCIE said...

Love this quilt! Pieced borders can be tricky, but they add so much interest to the quilt. You always do a great job! I have pieces of paper that look like that!