Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Outer Border On

Here is my Scrappy Stars (have I ever mentioned that I found out the real name of the quilt in spite of STILL not finding the magazine that has the pattern?).  It is called Pick & Choose.

Here is one side with all 3 borders on...1-1/2" finished, pieced HSTs and then 4-1/4" finished.  I picked the light cream for the pieced border in hopes that it would bring out the cream squares in the center (plus, I had a chunk of it in my creams box and didn't want to cut out 50 different creams).

I am worn out.  My feet started swelling again yesteday.  They are not very good tonight.  I think I'll go lie down in bed and do my Bible reading. 

Sweet dreams...


Teresa said...

Looks great!

regan said...

Joan....this border is beautiful....well done!

Leeanne said...

just stunning!!
Looking forward to seeing how you quilt this....When your feet settle down that is.

Quilt Azubi said...

your quilts are soo beautiful !! :)
very tasty colors !!

greetings from germany