Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Footwear?

Ruby Slippers...this is a two-color quilt. The pattern is from Atkinson Designs. I pieced this during several evenings of insomnia. It lacks an outer border yet. Soon...very soon.

This is "baby" size...with the border, it will be about 65" x 45", I think.

A close-up of the center...very fast and easy. The blocks finish at 6" square.

A busy day of laundry, weeding, cooking, and possible some painting later...if it all comes together!



Leeanne said...

This looks really lovely, is the cream background fabric a Thimbleberrries fabric? I just baked 2 batches of chocolate chippie biscuits, ricebubble slice and a chocolate cake is in the oven as I check my blog roll.

julieQ said...

OH, love it! Every one of your quilts I just think is so pretty...wonderful job!