Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moving Piano Playing

Last night my DH, son, and two college guys moved our piano from upstairs to downstairs. We are in the midst of some major (and I do mean major) furniture rearranging and general household organizing. God only knows what's been thrown out in the past month. And He's not telling...neither is Susanna!

We are hoping the move makes it better for all, contains the piano playing noise in a different room and level of the house, and allows for more space in the desk areas.

Upward and onward...


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Mary Lou Casada said...

What a big job!! We found a place for a our piano and left it there forever! LOL The keyboard gets moved much more easily. Wish I could find a place for the drums -- even the basement cannot contain it! :-) (I guess that's why the Psalmist said "make a joyful noise..."! lol) Good thing my sewing room has a door!
Mary Lou