Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

There has been so much going on around our house. Too much to even tell about, so I'll recap the last few weeks...

After getting back from my parents' house, my husband, our two youngest children and I went to Florida for a week. A couple days after we arrived home, four of our children arrived home from PA with a mountain of dirty laundry. (my nose wrinkles just thinking about it). Then two of my girls drove back to where we had been in Florida to visit the same family we had just left! They stayed for a week. While they were gone, I frantically painted our shutters, doors, and house and stained our deck in preparation for Steve arriving (I don't think he was looking at the house!). My husband helped me one day. That. is. monumental. Here he is in action...in the last picture you can see where the deck is stained and where it is bare wood.

The day after the girls arrived home, the young man (Steve) they went down to visit flew up here to stay for a few days. He left for 24 hours during the visit to see a friend graduate from Marine Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA. While he was gone we kept some children overnight whose grandmother is in the hospital and needs 24 hour a day help. Steve arrived back here (yippee), and we continued visiting with him. By the time he left, he was officially courting our second oldest daughter. Smiles all around. He missed his flight Sunday night, so I got up at three on Monday AM to get him to the airport. Airports are very eerie at that time of the AM. My oldest daughter arrived home Monday night after being in CO for six weeks. Today we just regrouped. The end. For now.

I just listed two quilts on eBay. Here they are. Click the button for auctions to the left if you want to bid on them.

In a few days, I'll have two daughters commuting to college, both working as many hours a week as they can, we will start our home school year on Monday, and Steve wants to fly up every weekend. Pray for me!! I'm in overload, and the button to reset my stress level just flew off.


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