Thursday, August 19, 2010

...and The Rain, Rain, Rain, Came Down, Down, Down

We had torrential rain storms all night with a lightning show like I've never seen. I went out back at 6 AM to see what was causing a loud noise. The creek at the back of our property had overflowed its banks and was about ten feet from our basement wall. Our upstream neighbor's shed had floated off its foundation and was now in our backyard. Three of the fence sections between our houses were broken off and on the far edge of our yard now. We also have most of the yard debris from the upstream neighbors' yards collected against our fence.

I was praying hard for the rain to stop and the waters to recede. Thank God they did. God's power is awesome. We had a little damage to the house because of a leak in the roof of our back porch, but the worse of it is the yard mess. Thank God for protecting us. I tried to get pictures, but it was so dark that they did not turn out.


Teresa said...

Oh my gracious...what a sight to wake up to. We have had some terrible rains lately too, but not that bad. I was listening to the news from Charlotte, NC this morning and they were having all kinds of flooding. Mother Nature can at times be soothing, beautful and peaceful - and then other times it can scare the begeebies out of us.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Glad everything is okay.

suz said...

wow - close call. We've been desperate for rain and now we're really getting it - 3 days of it are predicted with high winds. But still, we need it. I noticed driving home on Friday that trees weren't changing color (I'm in New England), they were just drying up. Of course, now they say we'll get flooding. Hopefully it won't be too bad.