Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Autumn Splendor Progress

While I was watching some of the girls swimming yesterday and fielding calls from family and friends, I put a few stitches into this quilt top. I had hoped to work on it in the evenings, but that hasn't really happened. I quilted a little more today and finished the 2" squares on one side. I am doing a simple diagonal line both ways through all the 2" squares.

Two sides down, and two to go. I want to do some interesting hand quilting in the sawtooth star blocks and leaf blocks. Any ideas??

Off to do some ironing for my mom.



Leeanne said...

What about a feathered wreath in the stars and 1/4 seam inside the leaf?Lovely colours.Very good multi-tasking!

Anonymous said...

Multi-tasking! That's how she does it!

Have a wonderful family time.

'hope the car is running smoothly.

Hugs. Audrey