Friday, June 18, 2010

Quilt Show Pic #6

I did not get a pic of this whole quilt. It was "just" a log cabin with the gold stars satin stitched by machine in the cream areas. I think of all the quilt patterns out there, log cabin ranks up with my very favorites. This one was so cute. The colors were light as opposed to the heavy ones I usually use, but not juvenile BRIGHT. Lovely. Once again, my desire to get a pic was foiled by the skirt hangers holding up the quilt. This one was in waves, and I was lucky to get this much of it where it was flat. Just sayin'...


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Kerri said...

I love that quilt too. It has the happy, yum look! I have been looking at courthouse steps quilts lately, with the colors that intermingle thinking I want to make one. Applique makes quilts look so cute!