Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spools from New Zealand

Here are my spool blocks from Leeanne in New Zealand. Click on the underlined words to link to her blog.

What a lovely collection. The best part of my spool quilt is that the blocks play so nicely together. Not a one is a loser. I am thinking of using the top left one (button print) for my label. I am going to list all the contributor's names (in order that the blocks were received...I'm OCD).

Have to point out a couple favorites. That's just how I roll. I love this one because it mostly disappears. The splash of red stands out just enough to make it interesting.

This one says SUMMER!! It reminds me of fresh watermelon. Leeanne, do they have that in New Zealand?

One more set to wait on...I am waiting!!



Leeanne said...

I'm so please you got them so soon.Yes we do have watermelon here in N.Z.
Your favourite one I have to mention is from the off cuts from the backing of a quilt I did for my friend Jacki.Jacki makes such lovely quilts and I'm am very lucky to be given them to quilt.Jacki has taken one of my machine quilting classes at The Country Yard, but still gives me her quilts to quilt and sometimes to attach the binding too.

Fingers crossed for a speedy arrival for your next set of spools.

Valentina said...

What an amazing quilt you will have, Joan! I can't wait to see how it will all come together!

MARCIE said...

More spools! They are all so adorable! and you are getting them from all over the place. That is so neat!