Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ziploc of Joy!

Besides $100 bills, what is the best thing that someone could mail YOU in a Ziploc baggie?? My answer arrived yesterday. Unbeknownst to me, Sam sent me the spool blocks we are exchanging. I must point out that she did not play fair. We were supposed to have them ready at the end of the month. So now I am behind!!

What a lovely group of blocks! They will play nicely with my Thimbleberries blocks.
Now I have to exercise patience until I receive the rest of my swaps. Calgon, take me away!! Here's my favorite from the group...brown and pink.

Thanks so much, Sam. You made my day...week...month!!

~Joan, who got to touch a live alligator to come

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momtofatdogs said...

You are welcome. I am sorry I jumped the gun, but #1 i wanted to be sure you LIKED them & #2 - I have a busy BUSY week ahead of me (last week of the month is always crunch week @ my REAL job!) & I just did not want to let you down. So eary is good!