Monday, February 22, 2010

Later Alligator??

This past Friday and Saturday, I got to attend an amazing creation seminar. Above is my son Isaac (in the stripes), Dan the Animal Man (in the safari shirt), our friend Jacob behind Isaac (away from the business end of the alligator), and Auggie the alligator in the teeth!! The awesomeness of God's creation was magnified, and God was glorified. We also got to see an African porcupine. Guess what her name was?

BARB!! Get it?? I did!! In fact, I laughed loud and long way before anyone else. The speaker was kind enough to point it out, too.

Barb's head is to the right in the picture. Dan was wearing leather gloves that went up to the top of his arm. Barb weighed about fifty pounds. I learned so much about God's design and wonder while we were there. Amazing stuff! An awesome God!!

Here is Elisabeth trying to pet a tarantula. I was glad I was only taking pictures!!

Elisabeth!! There is an alligator behind you!! Here's what she did next...

Elisabeth is so photogenic!! Notice the Bible in front of Auggie. Dan quoted it early and often.

Ta ta for now...


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