Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ingles Triple Coupon Grocery Trip

Ingles is probably my least favorite grocery store to shop in. Nothing personal--it's just the truth. They only double up to 50 cent coupons, and you need to spend $10 for every 3 coupons you can use. That is daunting, and usually makes for a not-very-profitable trip.

We needed some basics since we just got home from a nearly week-long trip. I heard through the Bette-grapevine that Ingles was doing triples this week. I nearly missed it! I decided I'd do my stocking up (mostly dairy and meat products) to get my total up, then use as many coupons as possible.

Thank the Lord, my old camera finally arrived home. I didn't realize it until after I took the above picture, however.

Pictured are (with my cost)

4 baking powders 20 cents each

12 boxes of Cap'n Crunch 50 cents each

16 tomato sauce (15 oz.) 38 cents each

2 grape jelly (32 oz.) 28 cents each

4 Betty Crocker Supreme brownie mixes $1 each (for charity desserts)

1 Domino sugar (4 lb.) $1.08

7 Betty Crocker icing tubs 18 cents each

2 No Yolks noodles free

2 Wacky Mac free

8 powdered creamers (my DH's preference) 18 cents each

4 Chex Mix 50 cents each

8 Ziploc bags 80 cents each

8 Puffs facial tissues 23 cents each

16 Manwich sloppy joe and BBQ mix 25 cents each

5 Rotel tomatoes 30 cents each

5 Treasure Cave Bleu cheese 28 cents each

10 Glory honey carrots 13 cents each

12 Minute Rice 52 cents each

The cashier and baggers had a fun time ringing up and bagging my order. The receipt is over 10 feet long...I measured it! I paid 56% of the original price, but that did include a ton of meat and dairy. I'm a happy camper.

All but some of the baking powder, all of the tomato sauce, creamer, Chex Mix, Ziplocs, and tissues are being sold tomorrow. So my total will be even lower! I'll give you a total after I see how much the items sell for. Betcha can't wait!


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