Thursday, January 22, 2009

Always Room For One More

Always room for one more! My mom said that so many times after I was married and started my (now) large family. I'm not sure she remembers ever saying it. Buy, boy, oh, boy, does it apply to our family now. Above is a wonderful pic of my children, my sister's children, and...wait! Who is that one non-child on the right? In the back?? The one with the GRAY hair?? Well, it looks like my DH, but I'm sure he wouldn't try to ruin an otherwise great picture.

Think about feeding this bunch for a meal, or two...or eleven. That's what my mother, sister, and I did in PA. I think I would be quite happy cooking morning, noon, and night. But who would do the teaching, shopping, laundry, etc.?? Any volunteers? I didn't think so! I did come back with a couple new recipes. Thanks, Diane!

Check back soon to see the results of my great Ingles triple coupon outing from today.


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