Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ingles Trip Update

Here's the lowdown on my recent trip. What we kept (baking powder, tomato sauce, grape jelly, brownie mixes, noodles, pasta, powdered creamers, Chex mix, Ziploc bags, and Puffs tissues) cost me $24. I was paid $73 for the rest of the items, which I sold to a local salvage store. So I profitted $49 from the trip. Definitely worth the time, don't you think?

Another great grocery shopping day today. I don't know if I can ever go back to my old way of shopping again.



Grace said...

Hi Joan,
It's very neat to read about how you are saving money on groceries - and if I understand correctly, making money as well.

We don't have the coupon thing up here. In the odd blue moon a store might have a coupon for one or two items and it's like 50 cents off one of those things - and that's it. We don't have coupons in the mail, or in the newspaper or on the websites.

One thing I take advantage of is: buy $250 worth of groceries and get $30.00 off.
There is another store that has 10% Tuesdays - on the first Tuesday of every month, you get 10% off your whole grocery order.

Yes it all helps, but there is not near the savings that you are talking about.

I try to save by buying in bulk or very large quantites and also buying sales. WE buy almost no meat and prefer to hunt or buy direct from a farmer. And we grow several gardens full of vegetables. That helps a lot.

Nice to read your blog,

Anonymous said...

I think there were a couple more heart-shaped patatos in the bag, mom


Mimi said...

Joan, Just found your blog and like you I am trying to use coupons, shop wisely, etc. to save money. Would you mind explaining a little more about how you sell to a salvage shop?Thanks so much, love your quilts!