Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Decorations, Take 17

It finally happened...I'm fresh out of fall quilts. Here is a picture of some wooden pumpkins I tole painted a few years ago. I gave my sister and my friend a set, too (2 Dianes). My dad cut these one year when I was visiting with him (hi, Dad!). They are on our living room mantle. They are made from 1" pine, so they stand up all by themselves.

Today was my 3-month anniversary at Curves. I need to get more serious about losing weight and getting more fit. I'm not sure how I fell off the wagon this month, but several things come to pie, mini candy bars, cinnamon rolls. I continue to amaze myself about eating things that I know I shouldn't and thinking it won't really matter this time. For crying out loud, every time is an important time. Just venting and giving myself the what for here. Hopefully next month's report will be a big improvement. I stayed the same weight (which is better than gaining) and lost only 2 more inches. All I can think is, "So many more to go!" Here's to next month...


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