Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Decorations, Take 16

I enjoyed looking at my b-friend, Marcie's, blog today. She has a picture of a quilt that I am going to try to piece tonight. It's the one in the upper right...the 4 Maple Leaf blocks in a Churn Dash setting. Tune in tomorrow to see if I make any progress. It's nearly 6 PM, and the night is young, even if I'm not.

The above quilt is my favorite quilt. Some of you are thinking, "Didn't she say that about another quilt, like maybe yesterday or the day before?" Pretty scary how I can hear you thinking from here, eh??

If you are a quilter, you know that quilts are sort of like children...you just can't have a favorite. Each is the result of a certain time of life, a new technique, a new love. And loving another one doesn't mean you divide your love for your other quilts...it just multiplies!! Each one is different and unique.

The above quilt was a pattern whose name I forget right this minute. The outer border is a plaid fabric that I quilted between the different colors. I hand-blanket-stitched the vines, leaves, pumpkin sections, crow, etc. The yellow button "seeds" add another dimension. I hand quilted around each shape and in each border. All in all, this is my favorite quilt. I mean it. Yes...absolutely and no doubt about it. Until I show you another one, at least.


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MARCIE said...

You don't seem to be running out of fall quilts! This one is adorable too!